Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Webnesday Games - Robot Unicorn Attack

In this new weekly segment, I get to talk about random downloadable and flash games from around the interwebs. With all the great independent games out there, in addition to the computer-only games like Plants vs Zombies, I figure I need to devote at least a little time to these gaming additions and addictions.

So yesterday I finally got around to trying out Robot Unicorn Attack, a game that a couple guys from ForceDisconnect kept INSISTING I try. I really didn't know what I was getting into, but I figured, "Hey, I just tried a game where I push some dude down the steps, what could possibly be worse?" Well, I definitely didn't find worse. What I found was the greatest two button platformer with a robot unicorn that has a song by an 80's band with an openly gay frontman ever. EVER.

Robot Unicorn Attack is a game on the Adult Swim website, a fact that was actually more of a deterrent than anything else. The point of the game is to make your robot unicorn jump and dash across chasms and through stars while collecting what I assume are faeries. The star-exploding, faerie-collecting, and even simply surviving all keep your score and your speed rising until you eventually meet an explosive and untimely end, followed by a "restart" screen that involves your unicorn's severed robot head crying a waterfall of tears. Three deaths and your game's done. Oh yeah, and Erasure's "Always" is playing in the background the entire time. I can't tell if it's a good thing or a bad thing that I started the game and said, "holy crap it's Erasure!"

I'm normally not a huge fan of random flash games. I think this might be due to all the "CLICK THIS IT'S FUNNY" crap I remember from college that usually resulted in a swearing bunny or a REALLY bad video for Blind Guardian's "The Bard's Song". Robot Unicorn Attack, however, is probably one of the most addicting simple games I've played on the PC lately. Controls consist of two buttons (jump or dash) and the addition of Erasure keeps me happy for some odd reason, as does the over the top presentation. The jumping dolphins that appear when you stay alive for a while make me smile AND push me to get better to see if anything else happens. I half expect Sebastian to ride Falkor the Luck Dragon by if I do well enough.

If you haven't tried this game out, do so. I know I really don't have much right to say this since I'm seriously late to the party on this game, but anyone who wants to waste an hour or so of their time with rainbows, unicorns, and some new wave would do well to head over to Robot Unicorn Attack. And, when you end up walking around involuntarily singing "Always", think of me.

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