Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday Recap - 05/04/2010

Start of a new weekly segment of "Let's see what Michael's been up to over the last week"...and I was almost late getting this up before midnight. You can blame Super Street Fighter IV and the 30 matches of it I played with Lomyn over at ForceDisconnect.com.

Speaking of which, on ForceDisconnect.com I've put up two articles. One is an interview with MStarGames, maker of XBLIG Blazin' Balls. Easily one of the more entertaining sets of answers so far from my weekly interviews, and the guy's cool as hell. The other, also weekly, is my synopsis of the best three XBLIG titles from that week, the best being don't-play-me-in-the-dark Decay (Part 1).

On other parts of the internet, I write XBLIG reviews for XBLARatings.com, finishing up a group of reviews for Laserbreaker, Simply HangMan, and the previously mentioned and pants-filling Decay (Part 1). Speaking of which, that's where I'm off to right now to finish a review, but that'll have to wait for next Tuesday's recap. Until then.

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