Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday Recap - Recap Harder.

There must be something in my head that links random words at any given moment with Die Hard. Or hearing the number "two" and wanting to say "Electric Boogaloo". I think it's a medical condition. Or just a sign that I'm a big effing nerd. Yeah, we'll go with that one.

Speaking of me being a lifeless awkward dork, here's what I've done over the last week.

On XBLARatings.com, I got to review Things on Wheels, a game by the team behind Mad Tracks. I still like Mad Tracks better, but I enjoyed it. Thanks to Andy from that site for letting me review it. The XBLIG games I got to review were action/platformer Nomis and fan-freakin'-tastic twin-stick shooter radiangames JoyJoy from, uh, radiangames. I almost regret playing Super SF4 earlier, since I could've been playing JoyJoy. It's just THAT good.

On ForceDisconnect, I had the honor of interviewing Bad Egg Studios about THEIR fan-freakin'-tastic twin-stick shooter, Pew Pew Pod. If you don't recall all the nice things I said about it a few weeks back, here you go. I also had a short summary of my favorite six XBLIG titles from last week. I had to go with six instead of three thanks to the fact that over THIRTY games came out. Expect me to review nearly all of those in that article, as each of them are that good. Speaking of which, I'm definitely reviewing Protect Me Knight this week for this blog. I would've said it yesterday but, well...I'll explain that on Thursday.

Until then.

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