Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Update - Wii Releases, XBLA DOTW, Review Choice

This Monday's Wii release list makes me sad and happy all at the same time. Sad because, well, we don't get a single Virtual Console title, but happy because we get a Cabal-style shooter that involves anime action, zombies and, well, the above picture. Zombie Panic In Wonderland is available for 1000 Wii Points and has you (and a friend if you so desire) blowing away tons of zombies in a cutesy fantasy setting that can only come from the land of magical schoolgirls and tentacles. Yeah, expect me to review it this month. The other game's theme excites me a bit as well. Kung Fu Funk: Everybody Is Kung Fu Fighting! is a collection of minigames all set around a cheesy 70's martial arts film...and DISCO. At 500 Wii Points, I'm tempted, but we'll wait a bit and see how addicted I get to busting (see what I did there) up anime zombies.

Speaking of zombies, this week's XBox Live Deal of the Week for all you Gold members is Zombie Apocalypse, priced half off at 400 MS Points. If you don't have a Wii to get your co-op zombie killing on, you can purchase this on the 360 for some top-down violence in the style of Marvel Ultimate Alliance. (So, when's there gonna be a Marvel Zombies game, come to think of it?)

And, going with the other theme of cheesy martial arts flicks, this week's review is of Invincible Tiger, a side-scrolling beat-em-up with a kung-fu film theme that can be played IN THREEEEEE-DEEEEEEEEEE. Which I will, just to say I did, until I get a headache. Then I'll cry. See you through my puffy, tear-filled eyes then!

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