Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Recap - Playin' With The Boys

I'm trying to remember how much time this weekend was actually spent relaxing and I'm not coming up with numbers I like. Oddly enough, however, it did have a lot of playing games, with a good portion of that spent with Super Street Fighter IV and some friends. When I wasn't cussing at them, I did manage to type words. Promise.

On ForceDisconnect.com, I put up an interview with Binary Zoo about XBLIG twin stick shooter Echoes+ before throwing a quick post about the greatest tribute to Pac-Man ever. Then, as the week came to a close, I decided on four XBLIG titles from the last seven days that were worth your time.

Moving over to XBLARatings.com, I was told that there was a backlog of games and promptly bit off more than I could chew, reviewing four games over the course of last week. I started off with a review of Ranger done to the tune of "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)", and then after finishing up Protect Me Knight here I took the three hit combo of Murphid, Bit Crunch, and Quarantine.

And now I really want to watch Top Gun.

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