Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Recap - The Evil That Men Do

I just want to remind all of you that Iron Maiden is better than whatever band you like, even if that band lists Iron Maiden as a direct influence and thanks them in the album notes. I don't even know why "The Evil That Men Do" came into my head as I went to type this week's recap of all my nerdy notes and dorky doings from the last seven days, but dammit it's a good song. Also, has there been a better band mascot than Eddie? That's another thing Iron Maiden does better than every band you like. As a matter of fact, the next song that I listen to will immediately cause me to think, "You know, this song's good, but it's not Iron Maiden. They should work on that." Unless it's a song by Iron Maiden. Then I'll just say, "You know what I like about this song? It's not not Iron Maiden."

...yeah, on with the recap before I lose any other fans...who I love, but YOU JUST AREN'T IRON MAIDEN.

On XBLARatings.com, I accidentally punched kittens with Super Avatar Hero Force before ending my week with two Old Spice themed games, Gentlemacho and AvatarFever: Capture the Spice, both of which make me want to boycott the deodorant company. Don't worry, I'll still wear deodorant if I go through with it.

On my internet home away from home ForceDisconnect.com, I got to spend some time with the boys on last week's FD Podcast (warning, we cuss like sailors). Later on in the week, I looked inside the minds behind XBox Live Indie Game Decay in last week's Indie Interview. And, on Mother's Day, I listed my favorite three XBLIG titles on Indies of the Week. I touched on puzzle game Fumbo, storytelling device Moon Taxi, and old school shmup Retrofit: Overload, all while reminding you why I love your mother. Er, why we all love mothers. Especially yours.

Finally, somewhat related to ForceDisconnect, Lomyn (owner/admin of FD) posted some videos of he and I scrubbing it out in Super Street Fighter IV on the ForceDisconnect YouTube channel. Watch me win with a bad Vega and lose with a worse Cammy.

That's all for this week's recap. See you tomorrow!

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  1. So, I've checked this blog out a few times over the past few years. I thought it was pretty much made of win. Then I see this. Now I KNOW it is made of win.