Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Webnesday - Bing

No, that's not an actual game, though I'm sure there's one out there with that name somewhere. Bing is essentially Microsoft's Yahoo (hey, I didn't know anything about it outside of their annoying ad campaign) and, like Yahoo, they stock a large supply of games for you to play in your own handy dandy internet browser. Want to try out most of Popcap's games? Lots of 'em are here, including my current addiction of Plants vs Zombies. More into word games? Got 'em. Puzzles? Point and click adventures? They're here. I'm afraid to go back there as I have to sleep sometime this week.

Yes, this sounds like an advertisement, but you all know I'm not cool enough to get money from anyone. I just like pointing you where the games are. Head over to and waste a little time. At the very least, try out Plants vs Zombies if you haven't already, then head over to Steam once you're addicted and buy the thing if it's still on sale.

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