Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday Recap - Blur

Thanks to some stupidly good coupon juggling and a $5 Reward Zone certificate at Best Buy, I ended up with a shiny new copy of Blur for the 360 for a whopping $6.74 post tax. That might be a crime in some states, and it's certainly going to make getting everything else done this week a difficult task. Maybe I should hide the case until after my reviews and blog posts are done for the week.

In the days pre-Blur, I did manage to jot down a couple things. On ForceDisconnect.com, I had the honor of interviewing Tim of My Owl Software about the amazing XBLIG platformer that is Apple Jack, and then finished my week with my usual indie game recap that gave a nod to Old School Racer and a few others. Look for a review of Old School Racer soon as that'll be my Four Quarter Friday title.

Last week was also another slow week for me with XBLARatings, with only a review of SFG Beach Volleyball to show the class today. Hopefully I'll review more than one this week...though I'd be happier with a good night's sleep tonight. I do heart myself some sleep. Now if only someone would please tell Blur that.

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