Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Recap - Game Over

Practically every game over screen I saw over the course of last week, outside of about an hour of Super SF4 and roughly that much of N+ with Lomyn from ForceDisconnect, was while playing a game that I needed to write about. Strangely, that makes me think of Game Over screens as signs of longer work days. This could be hazardous to my sanity.

Last week's articles over at ForceDisconnect.com consisted of my usual two XBLIG related columns. Last week's Indie Interview was with Breath of Death VII developer Zeboyd Games, and if you haven't checked that game out yet then I highly recommend doing so before reading any further as it's time well spent. For the students that have done their homework, we'll move on to my picks for Indies of the Week, which were Scribble Defense and Apple Jack, the latter of which I'll review on Friday. I also touched on XBLIG puzzle game Bloom*Block from a few weeks ago due to it actually working now. A treat for me, as the game turned out to be something I'll devote some time to soon.

Turning our attention over to XBLARatings.com, the work load wasn't quite as heavy as normal with only two XBLIG titles to review, racing game Avatar Racedrome and text adventure, uh, Text Zedventure. I'm getting slower with my old age, apparently. Or I just need to switch to more absorbant Depends so I don't need to get up from the couch that often. Whoa whoa, just kidding! I mean, c'mon. They don't make more absorbant ones than the kind I buy already.

On that note, see you tomorrow.

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