Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday Recap - STEAM!

Another week of too many distractions. This week's main supply of time-wasters has been brought to you by Steam. Check them out until July 4th as they're doing a HUGE sale. I ended up getting Plants vs Zombies, Super Laser Racer, and Puzzle Kingdoms for less than 10 bucks total. And if I didn't have Torchlight already, I would have snagged that for five bucks. Probably go back for a second round of bargain hunting before the sale is over, and I highly recommend you people do the same if you haven't already. Great stuff.

As far as getting things accompished (novel idea), over on I published a fangirl-ish interview with Duct Tape Anonymous Entertainment about their amazing game, Urban Space Squirrels. If you don't remember me saying that I like it, you need only look a couple weeks back to see that I'm madly in love with it and want to have DTAe's babies. In other news on FDC, I did my weekly indie recap with a nod to Ancient Trader, Vampire Rage, This Is Hard, and an honorable mention to Point Blank-inspired Sharpshooter. And, finally, I chimed in on the weekly podcast with my thoughts on E3.

On a less busy note, is home to my newest review, Puzzle?. No, that's not a typo. There really is a question mark in there. Though with the score and review I gave it, I'm not surprised. Kinda bad.

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