Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Recap - Zero Wing

Yes, Zero Wing, also known as "that All Your Base Are Belong To Us game". Has anyone actually played the game itself? It's freaking hard. At least, it was eight years ago when I tried it. I had no chance to survive and I definitely didn't make my time.

Over at ForceDisconnect, I aired my regularly scheduled indie programs. Wednesday saw an interview with Pencel Games about Gerbil Physics 2 and Sunday hosted my weekly XBLIG recap that involved me saying I'd have DTA Entertainment's babies because Urban Space Squirrels is just that good.

As far as my XBLARatings.com reviews, a somewhat slow week for me with only a review of the overly complicated twin-stick shooter Avalon_Legend. Speaking of which, though, I'm finally in their top 10 reviewers, which really doesn't mean much. But hey, I feel good about it, so there. This week should see a couple more reviews, hopefully, if I'm not glued to the internet watching E3 coverage.

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