Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Update -- XBLA Release

Wednesday is always a fun day for me, mostly because I love seeing the new games on XBLA. Sometimes they're junk, sometimes they're obscure, and sometimes they suck my life away for weeks or even months, but it's always interesting. Today's entry is no exception. Musical-puzzler Chime is this week's sole XBLA entry this week but it's definitely interesting. Any fans of Lumines know how fun it can be when how well you do directly affects what happens to the song you're hearing and Chime delivers that same feeling. In addition to being a solid title, Chime weighs in at a mere 400 MS Points, a bargain usually reserved for Indie Game titles, and no less than 60% of that five dollars will go toward OneBigGame. So, let's review. Fun game, cheap price, and you help charity.

...why are you still here? ;P

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