Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Update -- WiiWare/VC Releases, XBL DOTW, Review choices

Mondays are usually known for being full of suck (and, over the last month here, full of snow). Thankfully, Nintendo releases their downloadable games on Monday to make your week start off with a little less desire to play in traffic.

WiiWare delivers this week with Phoenix Wright: Justice For All. 1000 Points grabs the second game in the Phoenix Wright courtroom/detective series. Also this week is Art of Balance for 800 Points, a game revolving around dropping blocks in a stack and hoping they don't fall over. Like reverse Jenga. And, finally, we have WarMen Tactics, which looks like a rail shooter that involves taking cover and deciding when to move forward. 800 Points for that one.

The Virtual Console, once again, has a sole entry this week in the form of Sonic & Knuckles from the Sega Genesis. 800 Points buys this if you don't have it on some other system or compilation and, if you also have the Virtual Console versions of Sonic 1, 2, and/or 3, you can use the lock-on feature that gave the game one of the more interesting and innovative features of its Genesis days.

On the 360 side of things, the XBL Deal of the Week is Battlefield 1943 for 800 MS Points. Not being a fan of throwing up a lot I unfortunately have to pass.

Speaking of not throwing up, this week's review choice includes not one but TWO NES puzzle games on the Virtual Console: Yoshi's Cookie and Wario's Woods. I haven't played either of these in a couple years so it'll be fun to go back and see if I like them after the euphoria that was Chime.

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