Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Note -- What to review?

After nearly two months of weekly reviews I've noticed something. Namely, my dislike of devoting a week to Wii Virtual Console games. Don't get me wrong, I love popping in some of the old titles and remembering what made them fun long ago and seeing how well or how poorly they've aged. I don't think that this qualifies them to have a full week devoted to a review, however. So starting next month I'll be replacing the Wii VC review slot with either another XBox Live Indie title or an XBox Live Arcade title. After tweaking the schedule it'll look like so:

1st week -- XBox Live Indie
2nd week -- XBox Live Arcade
3rd week -- WiiWare
4th week -- XBox Live Arcade or Indie
5th week -- Random (when it happens)

Does this mean I won't ever talk about the good ol' days of gaming ever again? Absolutely not. I'll still mention the Wii VC releases every Monday. In addition, I'll give short reviews once a month when I find something that is either so good or so bad I can't pass up mentioning it.

Until then.

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