Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Update -- WiiWare releases, XBox Live DOTW, Review choice

This is the first Monday in quite a long while that didn't see a new Virtual Console title. Kind of odd since the first days of the Wii saw 3-5 releases per week, but I suppose back then didn't have WiiWare titles at all, of which we have three this week. First up is GhostSlayer, a game that I can best describe as Time Crisis with a sword instead of guns. 600 Wii Points buys you this game and, if you have one laying around, you may use your Wii Motion Plus for better control. Next we have Mouse House, a traditional top-down puzzle game that involves moving a mouse around to find cheese. Looks like a cute little throwback to the Adventures of LoLo days and will set you back 600 points. And, finally, Arc System (makers of Guilty Gear/Blazblue) is putting out...a family go-kart racing game called, er, Family Go-Kart Racing. 500 Wii Points buys what appears to be a straight-up Mario Kart clone but with a family theme instead of plumbers and princesses. I suppose it could be worth it with a Dukes of Hazzard voice-over whenever you catch air off a jump, but you'll have to supply that.

On the XBox Live side of things, Duke Nukem 3D for 400 MS Points is this week's Deal of the Week. Makes me sad that I can't play it as I had a blast with the demo before getting a headache for the remainder of the day. Fun stuff.

And, finally, this week's review is of the WiiWare title Maboshi's Arcade. Don't be surprised if I sneak an Indie game somewhere in this week to fit in this month's puzzle theme.

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