Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Update - What the hell has this guy been up to?

Something I've felt bad about lately is the fact that my posts have become fewer, the ones I do post have become shorter, and my reviews have become a little rushed. I'm here tonight to say that I've actually have been doing something that doesn't involve humping trees like the picture of me above. Too many things, actually. I've been doing reviews for, and this in addition to work, Super SF4, and contributing to (the crew there is awesome, by the by), has worn me down more than I thought it would. But that's neither here nor there. Starting next Tuesday, I'll do a weekly recap of everything I've done for other sites, and next Thursday will start a weekly session of me discussing random things from what I've been playing to what I hope to be doing in five years to how much I like Happy Joe's pizza and wish it wasn't so freaking expensive.

For the rest of tonight, however, I will relax, play some games, and get ready for a weekend of work, reviews, and getting my ass kicked in Super Street Fighter IV. Suit up.

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