Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Update - Wii releases, XBLA DOTW, ForceDisconnect, Review choice

Nintendo must not believe in the Easter Bunny because he didn't bring too many goodies for this week. WiiWare gets a couple of kid-focused titles, Learning with the PooYoos Episode 2 and Fishie Fishie for 500 Wii Points a pop, while the Virtual Console snagged the (previously) rare Neo Geo shmup IRONCLAD, priced at 1,000 Wii Points.

Microsoft, however, must believe in the basket-bringing bunny because this week sees the discount of XBLA game Geometry Wars 2 from 800 MS Points to 400. If you don't have this game yet, get it. Five bucks is theft for something that good.

Speaking of XBox Live, last week's XBLIG-related writings on ForceDisconnect were an interview with HermitGames (developer of Leave Home) and a mini-review of my three favorite indie game offerings from those seven days. I've been enjoying writing for them. In addition to feeling somewhat important (don't worry, I know better), the crew at ForceDisconnect are good people. You can also listen to us bicker and whine about crap on last week's podcast. Only listen if you can stand my nerdy voice.

And, lastly, my review choice for this week. I'll have some extra spare time this week so, in addition to my one XBLIG game for the week, which is platformer Mechanoid Army, I'll probably put up at least one Four Quarter Frenzy review in the form of Geometry Wars clone Pew Pew Pod. That is, if I can stop playing it.

...I post a lot of links, don't I?

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