Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Update -- Wii Releases, Review Choice

It's slightly difficult to be excited over Wii releases when there's so much SUPER STREET FIGHTER FOOOOOOOOOH going on right now, but somehow I'll try to talk about games that don't involve Focus Attacks and Guy.

WiiWare sees two releases this week. Brain Drain looks somewhat like a slide puzzle, but instead of sliding things you spin them. At 500 Wii Points it actually looks like a somewhat fun and inexpensive diversion, and considering I paid like 15 bucks for Polarium and 30 for Magnetica I consider that a steal. The other offering, titled 5 Arcade Gems, gets a raised eyebrow from me as I'm always leery of minigame collections. At 700 Wii Points, it could be a good value and a fun time or it could be a complete waste of seven bucks. I recommend research and, if you're nervous, just go back and buy Cave Story. ;P

The Virtual Console gets a lone update in the form of King of Fighters '95, the second in a long running series of fighters that still stands strong today. Being more of a Capcom fan than a SNK one (SUUUUUPAAAA STREEEEEET FIIIIIGHTAAAA FOOOOOOOOH), I don't know how high KOF95 ranks on the huge list of King of Fighters games, but I do know that 98 and 2002 are held pretty high up. Hopefully SNK will get around to those soon. For the time being, this one's available for 900 Wii Points.

Two games that are far less expensive but still hold tons of fun are the subject of my reviews this week. XBLIG titles Breath of Death VII and Pew Pew Pod will both be reviewed by week's end, much to the fanfare of troubled nations and their mysterious yet beautiful women. No, I can't back that last part up. But I will review both 80 MS Point games this week and let you know if the old guy from Robocop would indeed buy that for a dollar.

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