Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday Update - XBLA release, upcoming XBLA deals

A few weeks late to the party, XBox Live brings Mega Man 10 to our 360s today, feeding the hungry gamers that do not have Wiis or PS3s (or just really wanted the achievements). I hear the platforming isn't as stupid hard as MM9, thankfully, so I won't feel too handicapped with these high heels and this awkward purse.

No, really, this purse is hella annoying when I run. Throws my weight off like whoa.

(...I need something to say, I said everything about MM10 a month ago.)

Moving on, anyone looking for some cheap 360 games would do well to hop on Live sometime between April 1st and April 7th as ten games are getting a price cut. Nearly all of them go from 800 MS Points to 400, though one (Track and Field) goes from 400 to 240 and Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix gets slashed from 1200 MS Points to a jaw-dropping 560. 15 bucks down to 7, making it the best deal for the best game on the list (in my incredibly Full list is as follows:

- Age of Booty 400 points (usually 800)
- Defence Grid, 400 points (usually 800)
- Lumines LIVE, 400 points (usually 800)
- Mad Tracks, 400 points (usually 800)
- Rocket Riot, 400 points (usually 800)
- Schizoid, 400 points (usually 800)
- South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!, 400 points (usually 800)
- Super Street Fighter II HD, 560 points (usually 1200)
- Track & Field, 240 points (usually 400)
- Wallace & Gromit Episode 1, 400 points (usually 800)

Details are here on XBox UK's Faceyspace page. I personally recommend Mad Tracks and SF2HDR and may very well end up with Defense Grid and Rocket Riot on my 360 sometime this weekend.

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  1. I picked up Street fighter and along the way...Defense grid as well.