Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Update -- Wii Releases, XBox DOTW, Review Choice

First day of the work week again and, if you're not still playing Cave Story, Nintendo did its weekly chore and delivered a fresh batch of 1's and 0's for you to download onto your Wii today.

The WiiWare catalogue gets two somewhat high profile titles with WarioWare: D.I.Y Showcase for 800 Wii Points and fast-paced waitress simulator Diner Dash for 1,000. WarioWare has you, as always, playing a series of ridiculous five second minigames and wasting hours of your time doing so, all with a well-earned smile on your face. You can download new minigames (free of charge, at that) and, with the DS version of the game, make your own to play on the big screen. Sounds like fun and will be something I'm picking up. Diner Dash won't be something added to my catalogue, however, but it's definitely a noteworthy title.

The Virtual Console gets long-awaited N64 title Ogre Battle: Person of Lordly Calibur (just call it "Ogre Battle 64") for 1,000 Wii Points. If you enjoy old-school RPGs with a hint of RTS and haven't played this yet, do so. Great stuff.

On the XBox 360 side of things we'll see Mega Man 10 on Wednesday. That will get its day, though. Today, we're mentioning the Deal of the Week which is Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram. I don't make the titles, I just list them. Regardless of the wtf of the title, the game is great and on sale for 800 points instead of the usual 1200 for Gold Members only. Go try the demo if you haven't. Like, right after you read this.

Finally, my review choice for the week. Since it's that odd 5th week in a month I'll devote it to revisiting Nintendo's Virtual Console game Star Fox 64, a game I barely played after purchasing it but one I had fond memories of on the N64. See ya then!

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