Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome and Things To Come

Welcome to my gaming blog, "Digital Quarters". As the name implies, I'll be reviewing games that are usually only available via download on the 360's Indie Games and Live Arcade marketplaces or the Wii's WiiWare and Virtual Console shop channels. (Nothing against the PS3...I just don't have one.) Each week over the course of a month will focus on a different one of those four digital shops, starting with the 360's Indie Games, followed with the Wii's Virtual Console, the 360's Arcade, and finally WiiWare. I'll also throw in random reviews of 360 Indie Games that only cost a buck under the heading "Four Quarter Frenzy".

Up later this week is the 360 Indie Game "Square Off", a 2D twin-stick shooter with a look professional and cartoon-y enough to make you think of Behemoth's "Castle Crashers" or "Alien Hominid". Will it be more than just a pretty face? Find out later this week.

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