Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Update -- WiiWare/VC releases, XBLA DOTW, review choice

New Monday equals new games for the Wii Shop Channel. WiiWare side we got Namco Bandai's Muscle March. You, uh, pose differently to get through different holes in walls, and you can be a panda in a bikini, or a dude in a two-piece...what is this I don't even. 500 points can buy you that what-the-effery. There's The Amazing Brain Train as well, giving you yet another option for Wii brain teasers at 600 points.

The Virtual Console gets a Shinobi game I didn't know even existed with Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi. I doubt I'll throw 800 points at it, but I might at least look it up. I feel ashamed of my ignorance.

XBox Live's Deal of the Week is Battleship for 400 points.



...someone had to write about it.

Last but not least (that honor was given to Battleship), my review choice for this week. I've already reviewed a twin-stick shooter this month with Square Off so instead of reviewing Death By Cube, one of this week's XBLA games, I'll go with Trials HD. I wasn't completely sold on the demo but after hearing so many excellent reviews of the game and about how difficult it is I figure I'll give it a shot. If you hear a loud thud, though, that's my controller hitting the wall. At some point in time, though, I'll at least give my impressions of the demo of Death By Cube.

See ya in a few days!

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