Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blog Resurrection - Return of Gano--er, Hogosha.

Over the last few months, I've struggled with my writing. And I mean that in the most all inclusive way I can outside of literally printing my blog entries and having no holds barred cage matches with them. Everything from subject matter to sentence structure to just the overall flow of how I write has become more than a little elusive. Even these few simple paragraphs letting you know that I'm not only alive but also ready to come back and write the good write don't produce themselves as naturally as they did last year.

So let's do something about that.

Starting tomorrow with the return of Four Quarter Friday, I'm writing something every day about either the world of XBox Live Indie Games or, at the very least, gaming in general. It could be a review, a summary of all the games out over the last week, an opinion on a certain genre and how it's being handled in this age of gaming, how awesome a soundtrack is, or just a general rant about how much I hate nearly every game with the word "Avatar" in it. And if it isn't one of these things, it'll be a link to anything I've jotted down on other sites like or

And if I don't do this, I demand that someone kick me in the bum.

So there. My butt is on the line. Either I get it in gear and start writing or I get it beaten.

See you folks tomorrow evening with a review of either XBLIG bullet-hell shmup Vorpal or radiangames' final monthly title, twin-stick shooter Ballistic.

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