Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Recent Developments - Fun Infused Games

Since I'm no longer writing anywhere else right now, I've been fumbling a few ideas around for a Tuesday column. This such idea, Recent Developments, is merely me talking about what a developer is up to. Are they working on a specific game? Polishing and patching what's been released? Or maybe they decided to shoot the breeze with me and answer some of my nagging questions, like what they've been playing, how the newest game is coming along, and why Iron Maiden is arguably the greatest band ever. Time will tell. For this installment of (a possibly ill-fated) Recent Developments, I decided to go check out what Fun Infused Games is up to.

A little about them first. Fun Infused Games is the maker of two great titles on the XBLIG Marketplace: shooter/platformer Nasty and my personal favorite among every alien game ever Abduction Action. If you haven't checked either of these two games out on XBox Live, do so. Both games deserve your love and give back in good old-fashioned arcade fun.

Their upcoming game, Hypership Out of Control, looks like it's going to follow that idea with a pretty big emphasis on "old-fashioned arcade". It's a shmup of sorts that focuses on going fast and dodging or shooting every obstacle in sight instead of fighting some sort of enemy. To add to the arcade feel, the game has a huge retro look to it, and aside from the colors and framerate it looks like an early NES title back when everything was made of huge blocky pixels. The game has come along a lot since its early days (check the videos part of Hypership's page) and has turned what was a slight interest from me into eager anticipation.

Word from Twitter says that Hypership is in its (hopefully) final stage of playtesting and should see XBox Live by the end of August. Until then, check out some videos of it over on Fun Infused's page or give the demos for Nasty and Abduction Action a whirl.

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